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Hand Knit Chunky Yarn Tree-DIY

Well, here I go again with Chunky Yarn ideas. I love to experiment and stretch what I can do. As always this project wasn’t planned . Few days ago I spotted Chunky Yarn earthy looking Tree in one of the local Home decor stores that I didn’t buy. I knew it, it is a project that I will for sure try to make soon. Dollar Tree sparkly Christmas trees are perfect for that project so I decided to grab them and use them as my base. Didn’t even have to buy a chunky yarn because I had some left from my other projects that I hand knit. I am going to list them at the end of this post for you to check it out.

Have you spotted those trees at the Dollar Tree? They are coming in all Christmas colors. Perfect base for so many projects! I am not an expert but love to try things out. Love to master new skills and experiment so excuse my imperfections.

Shall we begin?

To start we need to remove existing garland from tree base. It comes off super easy because it is only wrapped around.

When that is done it is time to knit! How exciting! We need to create a simple chain to begin. If you are not familiar on how to do it please check my video below. All basic skills needed for that project are explained there.

Hand knit Chunky Yarn Tree DIY

  • create a chain long enough to wrap our base loosely to begin.

  • connect ends to create a circle

  • start to add rows but looping each stitch. Continue that for 2 rows

  • third row – As the cone base is getting smaller you need to reduce amount of loops by connecting every third loop together as shown below

  • close loops when you reach to the top of the tree base. That was explained in the video you just watched earlier

  • finished top of the tree should look like that

As I was working on my hand knit Christmas tree my daughter made hers out of loopy yarn . Love to see her involved with me!

loopy yarn is available in every craft store and even on Amazon

(3 Pack) Lion Brand Yarn 516-100AJ Off The Hook Yarn, Sugarcane

and our mother-daughter project is done! Chunky yarn hand knit tree is beautiful in my eyes! Can not wait to style our space with those trees! For now I am just going to show how they look.

Here is my recap in a short video

Learn how to hand knit beautiful Tree out of Chunky yarn. loopy yarn tree  Dollar Tree Christmas craft

Learn how to hand knit beautiful Tree out of Chunky yarn. Dollar Tree Christmas craft

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Learn how to hand knit beautiful Tree out of Chunky yarn. Dollar Tree Christmas craft


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