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Sassy Creative Club with Agnes

This idea was brewing in my head for so long and I think it is time to finally go for it ! I have listened to you for so long so it is time to put all into works!

I would love to create community in which we can have fun decorating, creating and crafting … community in which we will support each other in this world! I am sooo ready to get to know some of you!!

What I like to achieve in this club

  • As you know I am a designer that in before COVID era helped so many with their decorating dilemmas so I am ready to help you too! So if you find yourself a bit overwhelmed as you decorate your home or cant decide what you like and have trouble pulling it all together? Ask away!
  • I would love to go deeper into techniques that my Mom taught me !
  • Flower making and all templates


  • of course challenge myself in painting that we all love !

What I like to offer to my community

  • ONCE a week LIVE crafting or decorating with me
  • Pinterest Challenges in which we will try to re-create something we find there
  • Painting fun!

The cost is $21 a month and is a recurring monthly payment that will come directly out of your account once you have signed up. Of course if you are unhappy for any reason, you can cancel at any time. No questions asked! Have questions? Just ask me! Don’t miss out on being a part of a community like no other. Together we are going to have a blast decorating, crafting and creating

Sassy Creative Club is a monthly group held within a private FB Group. Here’s an idea of what you can expect in there each month…DIY

HOME DECOR GIVEAWAY- That’s right! I go shopping every single month for some adorable home decor items and everyone gets a chance to win! One lucky person gets the whole thing sent to them each month!

READY NOW?! Here you go….

I would love to have you !!!

Only $21 a month


After you sign up please join our Facebook group HERE!!

Cant wait to see you there!!


  • Mary

    I follow you and I would love to sign up for your club but we live on a budget and I hope to see some of these beautiful crafts on your regular posts

    • justthatperfectpiece

      of course!! I am not going to leave my page:) Happy to have you!

  • Carrie

    So Excited to try New Adventures with Agnes and the ladies, Sassys, new friends❤️❤️❤️

  • Mary Black

    I would love to sign up for this Agnes but I am a widow and really can’t afford to do it at the moment. Love your crafting and would still love to know how to make the white apple.

  • Elizabeth (Betty) JOHNSON

    I cannot afford to join at this time. I want you to know that I admire you and you crafting. You have helped me to take a chance and paint. I have never, ever painted before I started with you. You are awesome and I hope to see more painting challenges. I am glad you will be continuing your regular facebook page you have helped keep me sane in this crazy time

    • justthatperfectpiece

      So happy that you are enjoying my craft. Yes I am going to still do lives on Facebook. We so need to stay together in those crazy times

    • Gail

      Agnes I just joined the napkin club. Wish I’d seen this first because I’m not sure I can do both at this time. Maybe I will join this one later. Love watching your videos! Don’t always get to see you live but always watch the video later. Thank you for sharing your crafting ideas. You have given me so many great ideas!

      • justthatperfectpiece

        Yay! So excited you joined us ! please follow a link in this post and request to join us in the group on Facebook! Can’t wait to get to know you

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Agnes, but I do am not in a position to join your Sassy group right now. I do want you to know that I enjoy your Facebook page and your videos so very much. You remind me so much of my sweet dear friend Kasia who was also from Poland whom I lost a few years ago to cancer. She was so much like you, so sweet with such a wonderful sense of humor. I just love listening to you talk about your mum. Thank you so very much for everything you do and for lifting the spirits of everyone who watches you.

  • Anonymous

    Is this the same as the Sassy Napkin Club or a new one

    • justthatperfectpiece

      no .. This one is creative club . Sassy Napkin Club info is on the blog too