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Christmas Cards Display Ideas

Who doesn’t love getting Christmas cards? Its a treat to have the mailbox filled with Christmas cards instead of bills and junk mail. Love to hear from my friends and family, see their handwritten notes. I am always looking for fun new ways to display them….don’t you?  When I was a kid, my mom would display them on the refrigerator or on the wall forming a mini Christmas tree. I came out with a different idea that later can be easy stored. Love to preserve all those memories. Let’s make some more Christmas keepsakes

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My idea is super easy! All you need is ribbon and some Shower Curtain Hooks and a hole puncher!

I don’t think much directions are needed ..pictures will do better job.

To make our stock of cards looking more dressy I like to make one of my bows and decorate my shower hook. I think my folded bow will be perfect! Here is my short video.

My bow looks a bit big now, but as soon as cards start to arrive and they get clipped on, BIG BOW will look really good

…and after Christmas when it is time to put all away creating a book out of that stock of Christmas Cards will for sure preserve them beautifully. Love KEEPSAKES!

How to create a KEEPSAKE BOOK

All you need to do is to cut a bigger rectangle then your bigger Christmas card is, out of cardboard and either paint , Mod- Podge napkin or fabric on it . I decided to cover my cardboard with burlap.

Let’s go to work! Hot glue gun helped me hold all together. It is actually a good project to refresh our presents packing skills …ha ha ha

and I am done! Love my Christmas keepsake book. All completed in less then 10 min! Don’t you love crafts that you can see results almost instantly?

I am all ready for all my Christmas Cards!

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Are you looking for ways to display your Christmas cards this way? Look no further... Here are some ideas for you. Christmas keepsake ideas.

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