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Chunky Yarn Ginger Bread Men

Winter for me is a perfect time for all yarn projects. I have done so many of them… Love to experiment with different kind of yarn and push my abilities to see what I can do with it.

There are so many kinds of yarn on the market. My favorite one is definitely a chunky yarn simply because your work shows super fast. I know chunky yarn can be pricey BUT there are so many sales happening right now that I am taking advantage of. Dollar Tree has a yarn now in their stores so keep an eye on it.

I’ve been working on projects with each one, testing to see how they feel, if they shed or pill, and if they are even enjoyable to knit.  I also want to see what the yarn looks like in a finished product. Here are some of my less expensive ones that are very often on sale even on Amazon.

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Good thing is that you really don’t need much of yarn to create some of my favorite projects

Here is my favorite one ! My Gingerbread Couple! Had so much fun making them

Learn how to make the most adorable Holiday decor ever! Gingerbread Man and Girl

How cute are those Gingerbread ornaments are ! See HERE how easy you can make them

Another of my favorite of all projects to make with Chunky yarn are trees that are evergreen decor in any style.

Hand Knit Chunky Yarn Tree-DIY

It is going to be for sure my evergreen Home decor piece

Here is a quick YouTube recap of that project

Let’s now forget about pillows of different sizes

Chunky Yarn Accent Pillow DIY

Chunky yarn is perfect for wreath making too that you can read about that below.

Braided Chunky Yarn White Christmas Wreath- DIY

Rustic Candy Cane Christmas Wreath DIY

Loopy yarn is sooo much fun! Here is what I did with Dollar Tree pieces

Dollar Tree Ornaments Makeover- DIY

This one was the easiest and the fastest one of all… it was just wrapping loopy chunky yarn with some bottle cleaners trees

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Let's have fun with Chunky yarn. Perfect   evergreen way to decorate your house.