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Farmhouse Style Modern Framed Wreath-DIY

Farmhouse Modern framed fall wreath

Looking for some modern Farmhouse decorating ideas? I think I may have an answer for you! Farmhouse framed embroidery hoop wreath! Yes… embroidery hoops again! I have made soo many wreaths. They are my favorite! They are always in my house.

Wreath that I would like to share with you is the fastest DIY project ever!… and most importantly it is on the budget! It also involves a use of embroidery hoop!

Farmhouse framed wreath Supplies needed:

  • Picture frame 11×14 but any size will do (I found mine in the clearance isle at Michales because glass was missing!)
  • Embroidery hoop 6 inch
  • Ribbon
  • Floral decorations of your choice (had some peonies and ivy leaves in my art box)

Learn how to make fall farmhouse framed wreath. Supplies list needed for easy DIY. Black frame. Ribbon. embroidery hoop. Ruffia

So let’s start to create our “masterpiece”- Farmhouse Framed Wreath! Directions are so easy!

I was lucky because my picture frame didn’t really need much “improvement “for what I had in mind for my area so little sanding with sanding block to achieve that distressed look was all what I did.

Decoration of embroidery hoop was a breeze except for Raffia ! Couldn’t figure it out if I needed or NOT … ha ha ha. What do you think? What looks better? It is a real struggle for me because I love raffia!!

after a long deliberation decision is made ! Time for final step … ribbon installation! All what I did was to loose loop frame with hoop together and secured that on top with the bow.

TAA-DAA!!! My idea for Framed Farmhouse Style Wreath comes to live!

Farmhouse wreath on the embroidery hoop with white  flower and raffia framed

What do you think? Ruffia looks good, right ?

Embroidery hoop fall wreath with white flower and raffia

Beautiful modern farmhouse fall flower wreath with raffia .Modern farmhouse wreath

Most of my creations are evergreen … that means with some little decor changes they are current with each season.

Here is my “take” of the same framed embroidery hoop wreath, in its fall beauty.

All what I did was just adding fall decor and finish that off with burlap bow. Love thrifty projects and specially the ones I can use all year round.

Elegant farmhouse fall wreath with simple burlap bow diy

Burlap simple bow. Farmhouse embroidery hoop fall wreath diy. Black framed hoop

Couldn’t be more happy how it looks right now on my wall !

Modern farmhouse embroidery hoop fall wreath with a simple burlap bow

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Modern farmhouse embroidery hoop fall wreath with simple burlap bow

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Learn how to make simple framed farmhouse style embroidery hoop fall wreath


  • Isabella

    That’s so cute! I’m not good with diy projects, but I really want to try making this.

  • Diane Hinkle

    I liked until you added the black frame. Too much! It was perfect before the frame was added! Overkill! The raffia was all that was needed! I don’t live in a farmhouse but I will be making and proudly displaying this on my door.

    • justthatperfectpiece

      Wreath I made was to fill a space on the wall not on the door but I agree on the door only hoop may be enough. Glad that I could still inspire you! Thank you for your comment

  • Shirley

    This is just lovely! At first I thought it was just the hoop but with the addition of the frame and ribbon it is just very welcoming!

    • justthatperfectpiece

      Thank you! Love it too!

  • Mari Cline

    That is pretty. I’ll have to make one, I already have the supplies.

  • Mari Cline

    That is pretty, I’ll have to make one, I already have the crafts to do it.

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