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Mini Glass Cloche Easy Sphere- DIY

Home decor crafting in my house is truly not planned most of the time. Today’s blog inspirations came thanks to a beautiful coasters set that one of my clients gave me and of course my glass of wine! Cloche wine glass. I decided to make a mini glass cloches to display holiday Christmas treasures, lights, pine cone spheres and even mini cookies!

Did you know that cloche idea was used in gardening to protect new sprouts. It actually acts like a mini-greenhouse for seedlings.

Let’s begin our Christmas Craft !

Don’t you just love those wooden coasters!

Wooden coaster as a base for mini cloche diy

I have already few home made glass cloches but they all big so its time to create something for my mini things that I love to display around holiday season.

Those drawer knobs that I had already in the house will be perfect to decorate my mini cloches with! You can also use big wooden beads or even broaches! Look around your house.

Directions are really super easy… glue your pretty topper to the glass and you are done! E 6000 is the best glue to use

Glass cloche with crystal detail easy DIY

I love, love, love what I see!

Learn how to make super easy holiday mini cloche

Look how festive bunch of simple pine cones look under glass cloche

Mini glass cloche with crystal detail easy diy

And of course one project triggers another …ha ha ha . Why not I have all out anyway now.

Let’s make a PINE CONE SPHERE!

Another super easy DIY but fun and rewarding project. There are so many ways you can make a sphere. You can either use Styrofoam ball like I did or simply crunch some paper and form a ball .

Learn how to make pine cone sphere. Easy DIY

Trick to sort of uniform sphere is…… to use close in the size pine cones for that project.

Styrofoam and pine cone sphere project

I like to make my rows of pine cones staggered

I like my sphere really full so Spanish moss is my option for perfect filler.

pine cone sphere with Spanish moss

Pine cone sphere with Spanish moss DIY

Mini Cloche and pine cone sphere are perfect  home decor duo in your Christmas decor

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Learn how to decorate on the budget with these easy Christmas projects. Mini cloche diy. Pine cone sphere

I am only starting but please check my blog for other Christmas decor ideas

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  • Debbye Friedson

    Oh my gosh Agnes!! As I am exploring your blog, I am finding one treasure after another!!! I want to make them all!! I adore the shabby chic style and your ideas are exactly that! They are truly beautiful. I also really love your Christmas decorations. I try to start making my Christmas ornaments and gifts shortly after the 4th of July. (fingers crossed ? that happens this year!) I will absolutely be making your designs.

    Thank you for sharing your talent. Your videos are great to watch. I also love your accent and you make crafting fun. I also “smoosh” lol! When I say it in my head, I hear it in your accent. Please keep the videos coming. We all love you and we’re happy to be a part of the Perfect Piece family. ❤️❤️❤️