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Easy Gnome Christmas Ornament-DIY

As I was afraid to make gnomes while back now I can’t stop making them! Let’s make a mini gnome version today. Let’s make a mini gnome Christmas ornament. My biggest fear about making them was their hat. Couldn’t figure one at the beginning. It seams it is a piece of a cake now…ha ha ha. I have made few already that you must check it out on my blog! Today I would like to make super easy Gnome ornaments. Mini tassel gnome made out of yarn

Things you need to make easy gnome

Twine to make make gnomes

Instructions are super easy because my gnomes were made out of tassels. As you can see I used my phone case around. My case is around 9 inches tall and that will make perfect size gnome. I stared to wrap my yarn around it as it is shown in the picture. Make sure it’s not too tight because we will need a little of space to put together the tassel.

tassel making

Wrap your ribbon couple of times and slide off the case.

tassel making with twine and ribbon

Tie a knot on the top to secure our tassel. Leave that loose because that will become our ornament hanging loop later

Tassel making for mini gnome Christmas ornament

Let’s work on the hat now. I like to start wrapping top of your tassel with another twine at around third of my tassel length

tassel making

What I like to do is to go one row all the way to the top and then come back to the bottom of the hat and wrap some more to make it look fuller

Mini gnome tassel diy. Christmas ornament diy

Exactly like that …secure your cut piece when you are happy with the shape of gnome hat with a small dot of hot glue

Christmas mini gnome tassel ornament  diy

Add some mini bead to serve as a nose and we are done with this one. As you can see. Love that little ribbon detail on the sides!

Mini gnome tassel diy with wooden beads. Christmas ornament diy

Moss Hat Gnome

Another one that I like to try was the moss. I didn’t have to wrap my gnome hat thick because moss is going to help me shape fun gnome’s hat

Moss hats don’t need much of decor but I added a mini key to it and it looks awesome!

Twine mini gnome Christmas ornaments diy

Mini Gnome ornaments tassels diy. Gnome ornaments diy

Yarn Hat

As you can see I am going wild creating them..ha ha ha. Trying to figure out which one I like the best. Let’s try to make a gnome out of yarn.

White yarn tassel .Gnome ornaments diy

Gnome ornaments diy .White yarn tassel gnome

Here is my happy group

Set of twine, yarn gnome ornaments with wooden beads.  Gnome ornaments diy

Since I don’t have a tree yet and was so anxious to share it with you I went outside for photo shoot.

Gnome ornaments diy. White yarn mini tassel gnome diy

Learn how to make gnome ornaments . Super easy directions to follow

Learn how to make mini Gnome ornament. Easy Christmas ornament DIY. Tassel yarn Christmas gnome. Enchanted garden

Learn how to make mini Gnome ornament. Easy Christmas ornament DIY. Tassel yarn Christmas gnome. Enchanted garden

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Learn how to make easy Christmas gnome. Tassel Gnome. Christmas Gnome. Enchanted Garden Gnomes

Learn how to make mini Gnome ornament. Easy Christmas ornament DIY. Tassel yarn Christmas gnome. Enchanted garden

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