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How to make Adorable Dollar Tree Gnome DIY

Well the time has come! Let’s make a Gnome! Don’t you love them ? I have this project for sooooo long on my TO DO list but every time I tried to make one something wasn’t working with a gnome hat. ( so I thought) Today I will just simply go for it! To make things more interesting I am going to attempt to make one with Dollar Tree merchandise!

Things you need to make a Gnome

Dollar Tree mop, Styrofoam cone, fabric and hot glue gun is all you need to make awesome GNOME!

Directions are so easy overall, well except that hat….ha ha ha. I decided to fold my fabric in a triangle so it is around 16 inches long.(it will be easier to wrap mop around).Time to pray for the best!

Fold your fabric into triangle to create gnome hat

Just because I am going to use styrofoam cone as my gnome base I like to cover it up a bit so it will look better. I am going to use burlap because I have lots of it around my house. Simply hot glue it to the cone.

As we have a hot glue ready … let’s find a middle of the inside of our mop and attach it to the top of the cone

Let's make an awesome gnome out of Dollar Tree mop! yes mop!

Just like that…I didn’t even try to remove plastic parts from the mop. Hopefully it will help me with the hat. That hat is really something I struggled before a lot and put my project to the side.

Dollar tree mop will make a beautiful gnome. Easy tutorialEasy DIY. Fall Gnome. Christmas gnome. Summer Gnome

Fold your triangle in the half and hot glue to our gnome body. As you can see I left a little chanel at the edge so I can add seasonal embellishments.

Even though it is a gnome made out of Dollar Tree mop I like to disguise it a bit and untangle each piece of robe. I will also look fuller and that is what I like.

Learn how to make a gnome out of Dollar Tree products Easy DIY. Fall Gnome. Christmas gnome. Summer Gnome

And we are almost done ! I just need to attach gnome nose – our wooden bead with a hot glue and make a pom- pom to finish his our gnome hat.

Adorable gnome made out of Dollar Tree mop. Can you tell? Easy to make fun craft. Fall Gnome. Christmas gnome. Summer Gnome

Easy Gnome DIY with daisy flower hat. Fall Gnome. Christmas gnome. Summer Gnome.

Isn’t he cute !?!?!? I am so pleased with my final product! My not to perfect gnome hat is just right! Tomorrow with a better light I am going to take him for photo shoot!

Cutest gnome around made out of Dollar Tree mop! Super Easy directions to follow. Fall Gnome. Christmas gnome. Summer Gnome

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How to make a Dollar Tree Gnome? Easy DIY. Fall Gnome. Christmas gnome. Summer Gnome. All year round gnome home decor

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