Easy Pom-Pom Crafts for the Adults too!

I can’t believe I am making my blog post about such an easy topic… Pom-Poms!…lol. They aren’t just for kids these days, there are so many amazing Pom-Poms crafts for adults too, and I know you’ll want to get your hands on these ASAP as soon as you finish reading … I know I am! Pom-Poms are the perfect way to make fast and easy handmade projects that are inexpensive, very attractive and of course cute! They also give your home a cozy and comfortable vibe, that store bought items just can’t do. They are also great ideas for using up extra yarn too.

I’ll admit I’m literally OBSESSED with Pom-Poms who knew that being an adult could be so much fun with these easy crafts !

Before you can even get started on making your easy yarn crafts, you first need to learn an easy way to make Pom-Poms…crazy right I can hear you right now, thinking what’s wrong with me…lol… I know there  are million ways to make them…Using a cut-out from a carton, fork or even your hand as seen below but WHY??? There are easier ways to make fuller beautiful Pom-poms!

Have you tried this little tool yet? It is very inexpensive but very useful tool


My daughter was the one that found them and I 1am so happy!! That’s the tool you will like to use especially when you have a bigger project in mind. You can get them in the set of 2 or 4 different sizes. I have them all .8/4.8/6.8/8.8 cm)

They are so easy to make! At the beginning I was overthinking a little as always… lol, but with some instructions that are attached in the kit, it was a breeze!

They are for sure fuller and even all around with the help of that little tool. I have made a lot of little projects but we will talk about those in a different post. For now you can see some of them here

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