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Pom-Pom Christmas Tree -DIY

Let’s have fun with pom-poms again! Let’s get our kids involved into Holiday house decorating and make a Christmas tree. Pom-pom are so much fun to work with!

Things you will need to make a tree

easy pom-pom making machine
  • Styrofoam or paper cone
  • Yarn
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Pom-pom maker (That little funny looking thing on the right)

There are so many ways to make a pom-pom but this little machine is the one I love to use. I am not going back to my old ways of making them anymore.

TOODOO Pom-pom Maker

Trust me adults can have fun decorating with them too

Easy Pom-Pom Crafts for the Adults too!

Today I like to show you that they can be also part of your Christmas decor. I am going to use the smallest pom-pom maker 2 inch one. Check out how easy it is to make them below.

pom-pom making machine

They are coming out perfect every time without none or minimal need of trimming.

Christmas tree made out of pom-pom and cone

My 10 inch cone used around 24 – 2 inch pom-poms to create a Christmas tree but you can add more if you like for fuller more tighter tree

Pom-poms glued to Styrofoam cone

Start hot gluing pom-poms at the bottom and interlock them all around until you reach to the top of our Christmas tree

Pom-pom white Christmas tree. Easy to follow directions

Isn’t our Christmas tree so festive already !? Should we elevate it a bit more? I had a little stand from Target dollar section that I like to use as a base for my tree. Little bit of metallic spray paint and I am done.

Christmas tree made out of pom-pom. Simple supplies needed to create festive Christmas decor

I am for sure making some more! Closer to holiday season I will add some battery operated lights to even accent it more.

Let's add a bit of elegance to your holiday decor this season. Simple supplies needed to create festive Christmas decor

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