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Vintage Paper Christmas Tree – DIY

Making handmade Christmas decorations were part of a holiday tradition as I was growing up at my house back in Europe. I remember as it was yesterday all those pretty things I was making with my Mom. She thought me a lot. I remember making lots of ornaments, paper garlands and little people. We didn’t have much so most of our crafting materials were gathered on our walks in the park … Twigs, chestnuts, acorns, pine cones, clothespins and construction paper were our favorite materials to go to when Christmas decorating. Now I know why I love budget friendly Christmas decorations. Sweet memories that I like to preserve especially since my Mom is no longer present physically in our lives. I already shared some of my holiday decor ideas on my blog so check it out. Will try to list them on the bottom of this post.

One of our favorite decor items that we loved to make were trees. The one I like to share today with you is the tree made out of paper and some twigs. Let’s make a vintage paper Christmas tree DIY that you can actually keep all year round…shall we?

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Items you need to complete project

Didn’t have any newspapers laying around my house so I decided to use pages from the book I picked up at the Dollar Tree.

There are couple ways to go around that project. I think the easiest one is to simply fold rectangular book pages into harmonica like clusters at least for the tree bottom. Make few of them so we can concentrate on the install only later. I usually make 6 of those for the bottom to make a solid base for our Christmas tree

When you are done creating first stock of paper harmonica it is time to fold them in half as it shows in the picture below and install them on the thin twig with a help of Hot glue gun

As you can see base for our tree is done. Now it is time to pile up our paper harmonica in the rows.Your tree may look like a block now but don’t worry about your tree shape that can be corrected with scissors later.

I love bare trunk trees … so I decided to add another twig but thicker to the bottom as you can see on the picture below.

To balance my tall tree I decided to use tree slices that I found at the Dollar tree. If this slices are not available for you , you can use play dough and cover it with moss.

And it is done! I am for sure going to make more with my daughter! Love me some trees especially that I can use them all year round.

As you can see I used few of wood slices around tree trunk to make sure it is balanced.

There are tons of other ways to make a paper trees. Here is another method that my Mom thought me (holiday traditions). It is bit more advanced …ha ha . It starts the same but instead of folding you just need to crinkle your paper as it shows below.

  • Twist your paper in the middle

  • open up each ends so it looks like fan

  • finished first layer

  • repeat that step 3 times but in 3 different sizes

  • begin to stock your “fans” starting with the bigger one and secure them with glue

  • and you are done ! As you can see I used wood slice for the trunk too

I am actually very pleased with my handmade Christmas decorations. Making them every year and now sharing with you makes me feel really good it preserves my mom’s memories .

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