Styrofoam Ball HOME DECOR Diy

Are you ready for 30 min decoration on a budget?

Let’s make some Styrofoam Balls!

Supplies needed:

Thumbtacks You can also get them at Staples or any office store


Styrofoam Balls  You can get these balls from any craft store such as Micheals or JOANNS

or any shapes you like is all what you need!

Trust me it is very easy!

Start at the bottom gently pushing in the thumb tacks overlapping them slightly and continue to the top.  Be careful inserting the pins. If you wiggle them too much it creates a large whole in the egg and they will fall out.

I like to use different shapes of styrofoam for these thumbtacks projects. Don’t let me even start on the types of those pins that are  There are many pins starting from flowers, birds, and many others

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