Cool Reverse Canvas DIY

Well…I had a canvas in the house that was staring at me for a long time…  Few weeks ago I was experimenting with some signs but as you can see it was a fiasco… nice quote but my letters were NOT looking at its best. I was hoping that one day I will find another use for that canvas. Today some new ideas come into my mind. Reverse Canvas!!!! That is what I am going to do

Never tried it before but I thought WHY NOT let’s try, especially that I have all the supplies already at home

Supplies needed:


Hot glue gun 

Color construction paper 

Lever punch

Paint (for the frame)


I have to say removing the canvas from the frame was NOT  fun at all , but it is “do-able “

Who would think that those little guys are so tough!…lol

I am so glad painting was easier. The wood on the canvas  is bare, so you can stain it or paint it any color under the sun.


       FYI: Since these canvases are inexpensive and their frames are hidden, the wood is not exactly…shall we say…top quality. However, it’s still good enough to make a fun little project. Don’t worry if you need to do a little sanding first to smooth everything out.

While the canvas is off of the frame, you can go ahead and apply your design element(s). This step can also be done AFTER your canvas has been reattached…whatever you prefer. I decided to decorate my frame with construction paper flower cut outs.

Just had to make sure that the size of my design  fits INSIDE the frame. As you can see my OOPS from the”previous idea ” is slowly getting covered with a help of flowers and a hot glue gun

As soon as my project was done, I permanently attached the canvas along all four edges with a help of a staple gun, but hot glue would work fine too.

If you’re feeling extra frisky or giving your creation away as a gift you could always cover the entire backside with a piece of felt or fabric. That way, both sides of the sign are equally presentable.

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