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Stunning Recycled Paper Pumpkin- DIY

Let’s make one more pumpkin! Recycled paper pumpkin. I would like to share with you with a fun project…project that my junk mail inspired me to do. Let’s have fun with recycle paper! Let’s make another pumpkin or two

Things you need to make pumpkin

Look for those thicker paper envelopes in your recycle bin. They seemed to work the best!

Thrifty way to decorate. Folded recycle pumpkin

Cut your envelope lengthwise in half and fold each strip in half and cut again into little strips. It is easy right?

Folded paper pumpkin

Fold those small strips of paper in half again and Hot glue them on the Styrofoam ball folded in half until all is covered. Hope that it doesn’t sound too confusing. It is such a fun process.

Recycled paper pumpkin

Add some twigs from your yard and you have yourself one cool looking pumpkin. If you follow me you already know I love thrifty but elegant home decor crafts.

White and brown recycled paper pumpkin diy. Junk mail craft

I had so much fun making them so I made pumpkin with brown paper bag and one out of tissue paper. Love my paper pumpkins!

White, orange and brown recycled paper textured pumpkin diy

Love my little junk mail pumpkin family! They look awesome don’t you thinks so?

Textured recycled paper pumpkin DIY.

Learn how to make stunning pumpkins out of recycled paper. Super easy DIY. Textured paper pumpkin

Learn how to make stunning pumpkins out of recycled paper. Super easy DIY. Textured paper pumpkin .Junk mail pumpkin diy

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Thirfty way to decorate this fall. Learn how to make stunning pumpkin out of recycled paper. Super easy DIY. Textured paper pumpkin. Junk mail craft.

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Here are some Fall Decor ideas where paper is a main ingredient

Lunch Bag Teal Pumpkin- Thrifty DIY

Brown lunch bag textured pumpkin. Teal pumpkin DIY

Enchanted Book Pumpkin- DIY

Paper book enchanted pumpkin DIY


  • Novel Blondes

    These are ADORABLE!!! Simple enough even for a not so swift crafter like myself, so I”m definitely going to give these are try!

    • justthatperfectpiece

      Thank you!

  • Izzy Grey

    These are so cute! They would be perfect for adding some spoopy to the office too!

    • justthatperfectpiece

      That is a great idea!

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