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Accessorizing with Trays

My latest shopping obsession….decorative trays.  Large, small, colorful, metallic, patterned and even tiered. Serving trays have tons of functions! They are perfect for serving breakfast in bed, accenting coffee table,passing around drinks at the backyard party.  But they’re also a great way to spruce up, highlight and compliment any space. But it’s all in how you accessorize and personalize them. They are a great way to bring a pop of color into a space and also a great way to display fun, small and unique accessories. There are million ways to accessorize them! Let’s explore trays decor ideas. There are so may kinds of trays and even more ways to use them in the house not necessary as serving tray 

Trays are my favorite item for layering and grouping my home accessories with seasonal accents. They are versatile and big help to make decorative items look more stylish. They make flat surfaces look so interesting 

I am in love with stacked books on the trays! They serve as pedestals, they add graciously height to any composition. That is my favorite way to use trays in the home decor 


Did I already mention that I LOVE trays ??? Trays are also great for giving purpose to a group of accessories you might have on the coffee table or an counter. If you have group of accessories that doesn’t look quite right, try  adding a tray underneath and see what happens!



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