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Don’t you just have that perfect piece in your home decor that you are constantly coming back to? Trying to fit with current season, change its vignette? Curious to know what that is. I have actually few of those pieces. Today I would like to share with you one of them. It is a frame… yes it is just a frame that I found at the clearance at Michael’s because it was partially broken. It didn’t have backing or a glass but bones were still perfect! Love me some budget friendly wall decor

Just because I am not a big fan of packing and unpacking things up I decided to make that frame my evergreen home decor that with few changes can stay with me all year round. Love all evergreen decor that with few little details change its look and it is ready to shine all over again. That is what I am calling decorating on the budget!

When you look at my frame you can see that it does have some small details. Just enough to elevate vignette or space it is in displayed in the current season. This frame can fit beautifully in any home decor style. It is just simply perfect in my eyes.

Are you ready to see its journey in my house?

Early Summer to a Fall idea – Framed Farmhouse wreath idea

First vignette with that frame was done back in the early summer. Here is what I used

  • embroidery hoop
  • some greenery
  • ruffia
  • ribbon

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To see more details on how it was done see my blog post Farmhouse Style Modern Framed Wreath-DIY. You will find there how I transfered that frame to fall season too.

Somehow I skipped final winter pictures but this frame was a house for this mini wreath below that I made out of yarn and attached my trees that were lit up.

If you are curious how to make that simple bow here is my short tutorial. It is my Easy folded bow

Valentines day version

My simple frame is now a house for my heart shaped book page wreath that you can read more about below.

Book Page Valentines Day Wreath DIY

or watch a quick tutorial on my YouTube Channel below

To tell you the truth I don’t know if this frame will get its new makeover because I am thinking to keep this heart shape wreath all year round. Time will tell…

This frame is not the only one I kept through seasons .. I am afraid that this one is going to be next …I can already think of million ways I can change a look of that wreath made out of drop cloth…don’t you? Don’t you just love quick up cycle projects? I know I do!

Farmhouse Boho Evergreen Winter Wreath DIY

I hope that you enjoyed my quick recap of my frame that is part of my Home decor since early summer.

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