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My Moms Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs Tricks

Since Spring and Easter seem to be the time that hard boiled eggs make their seasonal come back for everything from egg salad, deviled eggs or my favorite stuffed eggs recipe that I can’t wait to share with you soon. I want to share a few quick tips and tricks on how my Mom taught me to hard boil eggs. Curious to find out if that is your way too

Momma’s tricks and tips on how to hard boil perfect eggs

TIP #1

COVER EGGS WITH COLD WATER and bring up to a boil. This way the eggs will come up to temperature with the water instead of being shocked when dropped into boiling water.

TIP #2

ADD SALT TO YOUR WATER ( just a pinch) to prevent from cracking and easy peeling later

Tip #3

DO NOT CROWD YOUR EGGS …LOL . That means cook them in one layer. That one I don’t really understand but I always listen to my Momma . MAMMA KNOWS BEST ❤️ Tip #4

COOK YOUR EGGS AT MEDIUM HEAT uncovered for 5 min

Tip #5

LET THEM STAND in the water for 5 min before you transfer them into ICED WATER TO COOL OFF …. Shock the eggs! ?

What is your favorite method to make hard boiled eggs? Learn from my momma! 5 simple tips to get your eggs cook perfect

AND NOW IT IS TIME FOR SOME MOMENT OF TRUTH…? I was told to crack them from the flatter side and start to peel them off TIP #6

And it seams MOM IS ALWAYS RIGHT ❤️ They are always peel smooth and they are perfect inside !!

As I was talking to my friend Kippi today about my Easter preparation I learned about another trick! You can read more about her method HERE Did you know you can cook your eggs in your Instant Pot and make them perfect too? So if you know me for some time you know that I love to experiment! I have made so many recipes in this pot but never eggs. Have you tried Instant Pot yet ? You can cook sooo many things in this cool gadget in half a time ! You can even bake in it ! There are so many types of Instant Pot on the market. I found 8 Quart Instant Pot for my family of 4 work the best size. It is the second one in the picture below. If you don’t have one you should really consider ..life is much easier.

Ok, let’s go to egg cooking method I just learned from Kippi. According to her I need to set up cooking time for 5 min but you can read about it more HERE and then transfer them into ice … I DID ALL THAT AND CANT WAIT FOR THE RESULTS

tips and tricks on hard boiled egg

And it worked too !! Easy to peel and perfectly cooked !!

Can you guess which ones are cooked my Momma’s way ?

perfectly cooked hard boil eggs

I cant wait to hear from you about your ways that you cook your perfect hard boiled eggs. Would love to learn some more and now I better go to work and make my Momma’s stuffed egg recipe so stay tuned!

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What is your favorite method to make hard boiled eggs? Learn from my momma! 5 simple tips to get your eggs cook perfect

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