How to make Orb Light for your Patio- DIY

Have you ever had one of those projects that you’ve dreamed of for years, but just never been able to cross off the list? Well, today I am so excited to be able to cross this orb hanging light off my large patio decor to do list! I am going to use Embroidery Hoops to make my orbs!

Supplies needed

Embroidery hoops – 2 or 3 same size hoops depending how full your like your orbit
Solar lights purchased least expensive on Amazon
Steel wire 24 gauge is plenty
Metal Chain that you can pick at the Hardware Store too by the foot
Hot glue gun with glue sticks

So let’s begin!

First step is to paint! I had a lot of painting to do. Chain, because mine was gold (I got it on sale for under $3) and embroidery hoops. Spray paint will make it all go faster.

Don’t forget to disassemble the embroidery hoops before painting!

While all is drying, let’s assemble our solar lights so they will be ready. Open up top portion of the solar light and place your wire. Bottom portion will nicely secure that. Turn the light over, take the ends and make them meet in the middle and twist a couple times.

All is dry now and t is time to assemble our orb light together!
Place the two inner hoops into one another so they look like this

Unscrew outter shell of the embroidery hoop, catch the chain with it and secure that

Insert inner hoops into outter hoop and tight all up

Ta-daa!!! Love the way it turned out! What do you think?

What do you think? I loooooove it!!! Now I am on a mission to do all 12 lights!!


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