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Simple Rustic Christmas Ornaments- DIY

Let’s create Christmas ornaments that are easy enough for kids to make yet pretty enough for adults to admire. I have made them with my mom when I was a little girl. Sweet memories…

Let’s start with super easy ornaments. Let’s make stars to keep up with traditions.

Have you ever wondered why it is so nice to make Christmas decorations? After all, we make them with some special mood and enthusiasm. The anticipation of New Year is the anticipation of winter magic and the time when everyone believes in miracles regardless of age.

Items you will need to create Rustic Star

wooden clothespin to make Christmas ornaments

My stars are usually fuller looking so I use 8 clothespin for each star. First you need to take them apart and set springs aside we will work with those later.

wooden clothespin

Hot glue clothespin together really tight .

clothespin glued together to make Christmas ornaments

There are so many options that you can go about painting clothespin. Since I am a really plain kind of a girl I like to stain my stars or paint them white.

When paint dries out you can start to hot glue 4 pieces together, then add next 4 pieces and glue them to the inside of the star.

learn how to make rustic clothespin christmas ornament

and then add another ones in between as shown below

white painted christmas clothespin ornament

white clothespin star easy christmas ornament diy

You can decorate them or leave plain the way it is. I love me some ruffia and wooden beads

Learn how to make Rustic White clothespin star snowflake ornament

Learn how to make Rustic White clothespin star snowflake ornament

Just because you can’t stop on one star let’s make some more. Love making Christmas Ornaments. Be creative and come up with your own designs. I stained some of mines too.

Learn how to make Rustic Stained clothespins star snowflake ornament
Learn how to make Rustic Stained clothespins star snowflake ornament
Learn how to make Rustic Stained clothespins star snowflake ornament

Beautiful Christmas decoration make out of clothespins.Christmas ornament. Easy to follow instructions

All what I was using here, were little cut wooden cutouts that you can find at the Dollar Tree or any craft store.

There are so many ways you can use them to decorate your house with! Hang them, lean them on the shelf or wall or make them be a part of your wreath. I will show in the later posts how to decorate with them.

I almost forgot about clothespin springs that I have on the side! Let’s work with those now

String the springs together and make a start out of them too! You will need 10 of them

You will think I am done but nope I am not! I need something for my shelves! Sphere will be appropriate! Directions are the same just hot gluing process changes a bit. You will need to do two sides.

Still need to paint but couldn’t wait to share that with you too!

Rustic shpere made out of clothespins. Easy to follow intructions. Christmas rustic home decor

Learn how to make simple Rustic Christmas Decorations . Christmas ornamentsHome Decor doesn't have to cost a small fortune.Let's put those clothespins to work this holiday season!

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