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Wall Flat Christmas Tree

If you follow me you do know that I like to experiment with new things. Wall Flat Christmas Tree was always on my to do list, but never got around to make one. This year I decided to start my Christmas decor with wall Christmas tree that hangs on the wall. This idea is fantastic for someone that deals with a small space or with limited help in getting a real tree into the house.  another plus is that there are no watering required!  You get all the beauty without all the headache! My daughter will be really happy to have one in her space. We decided to make one on a staircase landing wall going into her entertaining area in the basement. It is a perfect small space for our Christmas tree.

There are so many ways you can go around Wall mounted Flat Christmas tree project. My daughter wanted more of a traditional look for her tree so we decided to use pine garlands .

Items that you need

  • Command hooks
  • Garlands ( we used 4 )
  • Ornaments of your choice
  • Christmas tree lights

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So let’s begin!

Use bigger Command Hooks to outline your tree branches and a little ones to hold garlands in the middle. I stared at the top and made four loops on each side. Try to install those hooks in the similar distance of about 10 inches on each side. As you can see below command hooks are perfectly hidden by pine garland branches.

Our original plan was to make a tree that will end at the baseboard but we didn’t have enough pine garlands so we needed to get creative. Thank goodness that we have wood burning fireplace. We simply used couple of logs to serve as our Christmas tree trunk

My daughter would like to have fun but traditional looking Christmas tree. She wanted to use lots and lots of pom-poms. We love to make them but this time we used pom-pom yarn as our decorative garland. You can find that at your local craft store or get them on Amazon

Red Heart Yarn Red Heart Pomp-A-Doodle fabric 1 Snowball

This big snowball were made with a help of Pom-pom Maker . That machine helps to make them nice, tight and full as you can see in the picture

If you follow us you already know that we love to make our own ornaments and we have already few. Our choice for this tree were our rustic snowflakes ornaments.

Simple Rustic Christmas Ornaments

Couldn’t be more happy with how they shine in our tree! Simply perfect choice for our Flat Wall Hanging Christmas tree

Let’s not forget to talk about our Angel Gnome that we also made. He is actually a perfect addition to our Christmas tree…don’t you think so? If you are interested how to make him yourself please click HERE

Snow White Angel Gnome

Other decorations used in that project is our Star Topper that you can get more info HERE

Easy Star Tree Topper Diy

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Wall Flat Christmas Tree idea is fantastic for someone that deals with a small space or with limited help in getting a real tree into the house.

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