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Vintage Drop Cloth Christmas Decor DIY

If you follow me, you already know that I love simple home decor. As a lover of all things simple homemade Christmas ornaments seem to be the only way for me to get the look I want. I am constantly experimenting. Today I would like to work with Drop cloth …yes, painters drop cloth! There are so many things you could do with it. Today I like to show you how to decorate your house for Christmas with simple yet elegant ornaments and Vintage Christmas tree DIY decor made out that drop cloth.

Items needed to complete drop cloth Vintage Christmas decor

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Directions are really easy! Cut a 4 inch strip of drop cloth. I like to snip mine a little at the top, and then tear it the rest of the way. This gives it that Vintage look. If you want the cut to be a little cleaner, just cut it all the way.

Fold your strip again and cut into squares as it shows in the pictures below. A lot of folding I know but it is so much easier later.

Tear each square of drop cloth into 1 inch pieces. It is actually perfect stress reliever process…lol Don’t have tooo much fun with it. Remember we are only doing couple of ornaments now …ha ha ha

When all is done it is time to attach them to our Styrofoam ball. Just because we are using Styrofoam no hot glue is needed. Just fold your little strip of drop cloth in half and push through Styrofoam as it is shown below

Super easy Christmas ornament DIY …don’t you think so?

Love, love, love what I see ! When all Styrofoam is covered cut around 10 inches of jute twine and make a little loop and attach to your ornament. I wanted to make sure that it is super secure so I did use a hot glue for it.

Let’s make one more Drop cloth Christmas ornament

Just because this project was so easy and fast to make I decided to do one more but with wider strips this time and maybe more uniformed… so this time I cut around 6″ strip and divided that into 3 -long 2 inch strips

Put a little hot glue on a 3″ Styrofoam ball and attach the end of a drop cloth strip. Just start working your way around the ball, until the entire thing is covered. I kind of cross over back and forth. As you can see I left ends a bit longer to create that additional interest.

Once the entire ball is covered, take a 10″ piece of jute twine and make a little loop. Tie a knot in the end and glue it onto the drop cloth covered ball

Easy drop cloth ornament ball diy

Wrap a little bow out of drop cloth strip to secure your loose strips and you are done!

Easy Christmas ornaments DIY. Drop cloth Christmas ornaments

and now we have two Drop cloth Vintage Christmas ornaments … Which one is your favorite one? I really can’t decide! Please let me know in the comments below
Easy Christmas ornaments DIY. Drop cloth Christmas ornaments

Easy Christmas ornaments DIY. Drop cloth Christmas ornaments

wait! I am not done …. We have so much material left. Let make more drop cloth Christmas decor!

Let’s make Vintage Christmas Tree DIY

I am having so much fun with drop cloth so like to continue. Let’s try to make Christmas Tree same way… shall we?

My plan quickly changed just because my cone was from Dollar Tree and poking fabric through isn’t working well so we need to use hot glue gun. My drop cloth strips are definitely to small so in order not to burn my fingers I needed plan B. Decided to introduce bigger pieces of ribbon that was right next to me.

Learn how to make Christmas drop cloth home decor.Easy Christmas DIY

To protect my fingers from hot glue burns I decided to make cloth swirls. Didn’t want to waste too much of ribbon so I cut long piece of it in half and started to twirl.

My swirls started to look like mini flowers so went with that idea. Love how quickly all change! Don’t you?

Drop cloth Christmas flowers on the Styrofoam cone

Wire that was in my ribbon really beautifully shape all on my cone!

What fun project to make! I know I will be going back soon to the store to get at least 15 inch cone to make that tree. It really look awesome!

As you can see all those spaces in between floral swirls are filled up with tiny strips that I had left over. It actually does look good! Curious to hear your opinion.

Learn how to make easy vintage Christmas decor using drop cloth. Christmas tree ornaments DIY

Learn how to make easy vintage Christmas decor using drop cloth. Christmas tree ornaments DIY

Learn how to make easy vintage Christmas decor using drop cloth. Christmas tree ornaments DIY

Vintage Christmas Tree DIY

Vintage Christmas Home Decor Ideas. DIY. Drop Cloth Christmas ornaments DIY

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Vintage Christmas Home Decor Ideas. DIY. Drop Cloth Christmas ornaments DIY

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  • Michelle

    I love the ornaments and the tree is beautiful!! Using a drop cloth is such a great idea! I was planning on making ornaments with my leftover fabric scraps but now I want to use the drop cloth instead. 😀

    • justthatperfectpiece

      Do both! I am going to do some with fabric too. Found some buffalo check pants to rip. Thank you for your kind comment! I am so happy that my humble project inspired you

  • Rose Izworski

    I love them all so will have to make all three to see which I like best might just remain in a group on a ledge! Thank you so much for the ideas!

  • Debbye

    I love using drop cloth and neutral colors when crafting. Your Christmas decoration ideas are fantastic and I will start making them soon so I will be ready to decorate for Christmas and to make the other ideas that I know you will post! Thanks so much Agnes for sharing your ideas and talent.

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