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Coffee Filter Hydrangea Flowers DIY

As you may know I am on the mission with my coffee filters flowers. I have created so many of them and will one by one share with you so stay tuned. Today I would like to show you how I make my favorite of all right after peonies Hydrangea Flower Clusters. They are simply perfect home decor piece that I like to have all year round in my house. As you know they come in soooo many colors. Directions to make those beautiful Hydrangea flowers are so easy … you are not going to believe it.

but before we go there …Do you know how to dye your coffee filters? There are so many ways to do so .. you can use food dye or simply acrylic paint. More details about coffee filter dying methods you can read in my blog post How to Color Dye Coffee Filters?

Items needed to make Hydrengea clusters

  • coffee filters -I like to use 8 pieces
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks

Directions are super easy. I like to work in the groups of 4 filters at the time

  • fold your 4 coffee filters in half

  • fold them again in half twice until you have “skinny” triangle

  • with the help of pen sketch 4 petals on the top of your last triangle

  • when you complete both groups of 4 filters you can open them up and randomly place them on top of each other
  • secure every second flower template with small dab of a hot glue right in the middle
  • squeeze and secure all the the bottom and fluff and squeeze gently our creation
  • and we are done!

if you prefer I have also recap of those steps in my video below.

I absolutely love to make them ! I can see them in almost any container in my house starting from tubs or even wine glass

Look at all those arrangements you can incorporate your Hydrangea flowers

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Learn how to make Super Chic Hydrangea flowers out of coffee filters. Super easy directions to follow. Evergreen elegant home decor idea

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