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How to Color Dye Coffee Filter?

Spring is just around the corner and it is time to bring some color into our interiors. Let’s think coffee filters craft All what I can think of lately is flowers …colorful flowers, pretty blooms. It will take a while till I see all that so I decided to make some. I have used fabric, ribbon, burlap to make them but this time I like to use coffee filters to make them. As you know coffee filters come in 2 colors …natural and white so that is not much color right there. It is time to dye those white ones in some color paint. Perfect budget friendly crafting material dont you things so? Did I forget to mention that they are a dollar at Dollar tree for all 150 of them? Learn with me several ways to color your coffee filters

Items you need to dye coffee filter for crafts and diy

 As I mention earlier you can use red food dye or simply paint. Mix one of them in a shallow bowl of water. The coffee filters will dry quite a bit lighter than they seem when wet, so if you’re going for a deeper pink, make your water slightly darker

How to dye coffee filters. Coffee filters crafts idea. Budget friendly crafting supplies . Coloring coffee filtr with acrylic paint

I like to separate the packs of coffee filters into groups of six, or so.  Hold the filters together by the base and simply dip in the water mixture.  The filters will soak up the water quickly, so you don’t need to leave them sitting there for more than a couple seconds.  Let any drips fall off and transfer to a paper towel lined cookie sheet. 

coffee filters dyeHow to dye coffee filters. Coffee filters crafts idea. Budget friendly crafting supplys

As I am going to make lots of flowers so I like variations. You can dip your filter entirely or just tips .

coffee filters dye

coffee filters dye

As you satisfied with your color dipping you can either leave it overnight to dry or simply bake them at 300 F for about 30 min to dry quicker.

coffee filters dye

Here how they look dried .. as you can see colors are beautiful!! I can’t wait to share with you all the flowers I am going to make with them. Love those imperfections !! They will help me make beautiful flowers so stay tuned

How to dye coffee filters. Easy ways to color coffee filter. Seasonal crafts idea. Budget friendly crafting supplies

Coffee filter is ready for budget friendly crafting. Coloring color filters is done

Check video below on how to add multiple colors

Other way I dye coffee filters

Let’s say you dont have paint or food coloring you can actually use markers

Check that method HERE

I have made so many projects with coffee filters so check couple of them below but there is more coming.

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