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Cutest Burlap Pumpkin with Ruffia Bow-DIY

Love, love FALL Decor! So get ready because I have so much planned out to share with you. Today, I’m going to show you how I created this cute little rustic pumpkin embroidery hoop using some burlap rope, ribbon and raffia. It’s so unbelievably easy and it definitely won’t break the bank! I feel that some rustic bow will for sure decorate this pumpkin at some point. Shall we put embroidery hoops to work to make this pumpkin?

Learn how to make a cutes burlap pumpkin with raffia bow out of embroidery hoop

Things you need to make a pumpkin

So let’s begin to make our cute fall pumpkin

First we need to separate our embroidery hoop and cut our burlap

Rustic burlap pumpkin out of embroidery hoop

Just because we are dealing with one embroidery hoop, some hot gluing is necessary.

Embroidery hoop burlap pumpkin easy directions to follow

Burlap is super popular but in their natural color.  I have been seeing it everywhere, but not in orange. Solution to that is very easy. Let’s paint it a bit to be close to color of pumpkin.

Burlap painting for the cutest pumpkin ever

It doesn’t take much of a paint just a drop that I mixed with a lot of water

Orange burlap pumpkin transformation

So let’s fold them together and add additional loop to mirror left side. Decided to simply glue 3 pieces of rope together

Perfect way to decorate your house for the fall

Garden wire helped me easily secure them together. Secure together top and the bottom of both loops

As I was adding my matching line of 3 ropes glued together I came out with another idea …lets loop it all up. That is what usually happens with me when creating juices start to flow. To keep my loops loose and light I only pinched them with bit of glue to my painted burlap.

Cutest rustic pumpkin made with embroidery hoop,burlap and some rope

It’s time to add some top to our pumpkin! I used piece of wood that I had left over from my pallet project but you can add twig or piece of branch

Cutest fall decor ever! Burlap elegant  rustic pumpkin

all what I did was a dot of hot glue reinforced with wire

Learn how to make burlap pumpkin using embroidery hoop and rope

I think we are done! It is time to add a bow!

How to make a Rustic Burlap Bow with Raffia

Layer ribbon with raffia and tie it together as shown i the pictures below

Tie ribbon and ruffia separately and you are done!

and we are done !!!! Cute Rustic Pumpkin is done! HOW CUTE IT IS!!! Don’t you think so?

Cutest pumpkin in town! Get ready for the fall with this easy to follow DIY. Learn how to make burlap pumpkin with burlap and raffia bow. #falldecor #falldiy #rustic #embroideryhoopdiy

Cutest Rustic burlap pumpkin with raffia bow around! You need to make this!#falldecor #falldiy #rustic #embroideryhoopdiy

The cutest fall decor ever! Rustic burlap pumpkin DIY ! Burlap and raffia bow. Easy instructions#falldecor #falldiy #rustic #embroideryhoopdiy

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Learn how to make the cutest rustic burlap pumpkin with a raffa bow! Embroidery hoop pumpkin Dollar Tree diy


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