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Stylish Home Decor Ideas in 5 minutes !

Don’t you just love to do QUICK and STYLISH Home Decor projects? I know I do! Love to re-purpose things, use leftovers pieces from my craft box and most importantly add some more interest to areas in the house!

Stylish Clothespin Container

This is one of those things you can whip up fast but it looks like it took much longer. I used a tuna can and clipped dyed clothespins around the edge. No gluing needed, though you may want to glue some decor on the front like I did.

Supplies needed:

  • Clothespin
  • Round container … I used tuna can
  • Flowers or any decor you may have laying around and maybe PAINT

Just because I didnt want them to look that obvious as clothespins I decided to paint them “wilted green “

A little bit of a ribbon helped me cover tuna can writings. No glue needed. Clothes pins are doing its job!

These can be used to hold anything. I stuck a candle in mine but bouquet of flowers or herbs would look good in it too!

Moss Balls

  Moss (even artificial) is a fabulous “decor filler”. It is fluffy and beautiful and fill up space in the most textured, mossy way! Moss is perfect to create so many different things. You don’t need to be crafty to make your project with moss look good. Anyone can do moss balls project and they are a hundred times nicer and cheaper than store-bought.

Supplies needed

  • Moss
  • Styrofoam ball or you can use paper
  • Glue- I used Mod Podge and hairspray..ouch … ha ha ha

Directions are easy!

Apply Mod Podge to your ball (in my case I used styrofoam) and press firmly moss all around it. It will stick very well. Continue until the whole ball is completely covered. Then press the moss into a compact shape. Each ball will look different. One of a kind beauty!

I sprayed mine with hair spray to keep it more contained. (I always have hair spray around the house since my daughter is a dancer and she needs to keep “fly-a-ways ” nice and neat)

Let’s not forget about Raffia!!! I love Raffia so decided to add a tiny bow.

This is such an easy project and these moss balls can add a huge pop of color and organic feel to any decor!!! Just think of all the wonderful ways you can use these!

Twine Accent Balls

These are very common and easy to make too,but if you like me and have leftover twine why not do it yourself!

Supplies needed

  • Styrofoam balls or crumbled paper
  • Twine or yarn
  • Glue gun and glue sticks

Directions are easy! I usually start from the top with a dot of hot glue and wrap my styrofoam ball all around applying glue sporadically as I work my way around

You can get creative and create loose loops like I did too! There are sooo many ways!

Ruffia Accent Balls

My favorite material!!! Love that messy look of Ruffia ! Same process – wrapping raffia with hot glue gun.

Wooden Beads Accent Ball

Had too many those little wooden beads so why not! They will be perfect to decorate with !Hot glue in this project is really helpful.

Thumbtacks Accent Balls

Yes, Thumbtacks are also good! This time no hot glue is needed. Check STEP BY STEP directions HERE

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Hope you enjoyed our 5 minute Home Decor ideas for your home!

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