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OUI jars – Thrifty way to decorate any space! DIY

Yogurt oui jars can also be fun for home decor

Oui – French style custard like yogurt is my new addiction! Let me be honest with you, I bought this yogurt because I was intrigued by its container… I couldn’t help to think about all projects that I can do with it. Later at home I discovered that this yogurt is seriously divine. I had no idea how delicious it is!…eating it from a jar feels so fancy.

But we are not here to talk about yogurt. We are here to be creative with a container that is yogurt packed in.

But first we need to clean them up, remove labels …. Have to tell you it is a task! I usually soak them for at least 30 min and all is coming off nicely without any glue marks

So now they are clean and ready for some fun!

You can turn these jars into the perfect centerpiece for your next party with small votive candle in it. Just wrap some twine/yarn and you are all done!

Simple way to decorate with Oui yogurt jars. Twine rope

Cute container for your succulents

Succulents container made out of Oui yogurt jars. Re-use, Recycle oui yogurt jars

If you are not satisfied with just yarn or twine you can either paint them or ModPodge them as I did. You could use tissue or burlap ribbon as you see below

Dress it up with some charms and maybe wooden kickstand to add some height. Those wooden cutouts can be found at any Craft Store. I bought mine at Hobby Lobby

Since I am working already on my Etsy store stock for the holidays I decided to use my home made clay charms to decorate them with. Buffalo check fabric to cover their surface was no brainer choice for me. Love Buffalo check!

Rustic oui yogurt jars with burlap and twine bow, clay charm

Looking at this picture I decided to do couple more in a opposite order to have a set of 3. Love odd sets of anything!

There are million and one ways to dress these jars and use them in your house

Buffalo check oui yogurt jar serving as flower container. Wooden beads

Burlap rustic look for oui yogurt jars with twine and clay charm

Oui jars can help you organize your utensils at your next garden bbq

Turn them into serving dishes – Love to fill them up with jam/spreads at breakfast and even dipping sauces to serve with meat and veggies

Store your condiments using oui yogurt jars

Oui Lids for Yoplait Yogurt Container 4 Pack Blue

You can even re-use them to store food as sauces, fruits or veggies…packed them in your lunch box . All you need is cap that you can find at Amazon by clicking HERE or on the Yoplait’s website

Image result for oui jars food storage

Thrifty way to decorate with Oui yogurt jars in any room in your house

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Thrifty  rustic way to decorate with Oui yogurt jars in any room in your house. Farmhouse kitchen


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