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How to Make a Wood Candle Stand – Easiest DIY

Are you ready to make with me the easiest candle stand ever? This one is super fun. Couple of days ago I stumbled on this bag of scrap wood that was ready to be tossed out … but WHY ???? Seriously why?? I couldn’t let that happened so here we go. My head was spinning already with ideas! I have purchased those in the past from craft store but those were free and I couldn’t leave them. So get ready there will be a lot of posts with those. Bag was full of spindles, wooden beads with random holes and some handles and even bolts! One by one I will use them all and share my ideas with you. Make sure to subscribe so you will not miss a thing!

Let’s concentrate for now at creating the easiest candle stand

These are the pieces I am going to use in my project! As you can see there is a screw in those I thinks pieces that look like spindles so those wooden circles are really handy to make my stand stable.

Figuring which wooden circle to use on the bottom was the only little stop I had … because both look good. Hot glue gun helped me attach them to the top and bottom of my mini spindle

My wood scraps were different shades so I decided to paint them with Chalk Paint that you can find at any craft store or even on Amazon. Love chalk paint because sanding is NOT needed before you paint!

My goal was to have them feel rustic so one coat of paint was enough

Little of sanding on the edges and think application of a wax to protect my work and I am done! Wax step is not necessary ..it is something I like to do

Ta daa!!!

I must say, I’m pretty smitten with these little farmhouse candle stands . I honestly wish I had about 10 more of these so I could have a few in every room of the house. And as far as DIY’s go, you really can’t get much easier than this project. Just a few drops of hot glue and a bit of painting, that’s all it took to turn these spindles into farmhouse candle stands . Plus they’re functional and very cute, which is a pretty nice combo

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