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How to use Paint Stir Sticks in your Home Decor –

Paint Stir Sticks are my favorite ! Made soo many projects with them already. Since I am working with chicken wire lately and have a lot of scraps it was just a right thing to use that do! Love to decorate with paint stir sticks! Perfect material for budget friendly home decor diy! That is how majority of my projects come alive. Always wanted to make a moss basket for the flowers but I think it is not a time yet. Still looking for the right moss…. but I know I will find it soon!

Ok, for now let’s work with paint stir sticks!

Align paint stir sticks closely together and staple/hot glue them as shown below. I used bigger Popsicle sticks to reinforce that

and again to hide the obvious Chalk Paint is my answer!

As the paint dries let’s figure it out what to do with that chicken wire piece that I have . I have a tiny basket ! Yayy!!

Decided to line it with piece of burlap

I think it is a start to a nice board that I can attach seasonal decor from now on

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