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Cutest Scrap Paper Fall Decor

If you follow me, you know that my recent project was the Paper Book Pumpkin (you can check that post HERE). I had a lot of fun making it and as a result, I was left with some scraps that I wanted to make use of.

I am always experimenting with new things … Some projects come to life right away and others are just waiting for fresh creative juices. Looking through my unfinished project area I found this canvas. I have “repaired” some of them before by trying to make it into a Reverse Canvas.

It seams that my daughter didn’t like final effect,so it was time for me to work on it and see if I can do something with it. I decided to paint, but as I was doing that my pile of scrap paper was calling….ha ha ha ….and paint was showing through really bad after first coat

so Mod-Podge was put into use. All what I did was to apply thin coat of mixture and covered my scraps of paper. To seal my work after few minutes top coat of Mod-Podge was applied too.

Just because it is almost fall I decided to stay in the season so mini grapevine wreath would be perfect!

I separated a hoops into 2 parts and hot glued them onto canvas loosely to formed them into pumpkin shape.

Little of Spanish Moss and stick from the yard and it is done! 3D PUMPKIN

Just because my scrap paper was out and previous project was quick I decided to continue and stay with the theme. Let’s cover pumpkin now.

Mod-Podge Whimsical Pumpkin DIY

Original plan was to cover both pumpkins with paper BUT it changed …as always … ha ha ha

Fabric Pumpkin-DIY

Fabric pumpkin would be fun to make too that matches my plain theme.

Just because my fabric was light and sort of see-through some light coat of paint will be necessary so orange would not show

It doesn’t have to be perfectly coated with paint …just enough to calm orange a bit.

Place your pumpkin in the middle of your fabric and simply folded. Secure with rubber band or piece of wire on top as I did

A bit of rope and our pumpkin stem is created. I used only couple dots of hot glue to secure all. Cut reminder of fabric and finish that with rope

And we are done! HOW CUTE THEY ARE! Still somehow matching pair of fall pumpkins! Ruffia and moss are just my favorite Fall details!

Use those scraps to decorate this fall. See what I did with my paper and fabric pieces. One cutest fall pumpkin galore DIY #falldecor #pumpkindiy #modpodgecraft

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