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Who is the Winner

I am super excited to have awesome friends that support me in my journey….that support me no matter what by simply showing up to my social media activities and my blog post. Forever grateful to grow and create with you all.

  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

I so want to give back to you by simply sending you a happy mail

As you know Facebook is not good about letting you all know what I am doing on my page so I decided to keep it all on my page.  

My blog is the place where you can look for some inspirations ..find projects with VIDEOS to create for yourself. It is my heart, my command central where you can find all much easier … it is my mini Pinterest

Stay in touch

Make sure to stay in touch with me. I am going to pull names all the time from my texting list , my email list and of course my Facebook and Instagram page to send you some happy mail as my small token of appreciation

Are you on my Email List ? Sign up TEXT WITH ME AND GET NOTIFICATIONS WHEN I GO LIVE – 203 599 7630

Are you a Winner ?

Christmas Diy – Calendar Pizza Pan Happy Mail FACEBOOK LIVE

Calendars will go to

Of course if you like one to



Please message me your address to or message my page on Facebook

Claim your Happy Mail by August 1

Dollar Tree Pizza Pan Calendar page will go to

Naomi Knight

Congrats !!!!

Dollar Tree Haul Happy Mail Happy Mail recipient to be announced by the evening of Aug 2

Dollar Tree Haul

Love to have fun with you all and I have to tell you lots of you were close ! Below is my receipt from my trip to Dollar Tree that you went with me

and we have a winner!!!!

Karen Stahl was the soo close to my actual haul …Congrats !!

Please claim your Happy Mail and message or email my page by August 8

My sunflower Hello Sunshine sign is going to

Bonnie Lynn Rowe

Congrats !!!!

Please claim by August 8th

Make sure to stay in touch with me and check this BLOG POST OFTEN

I like to dedicate this BLOG POST to list all names that I choose DURNING ..AFTER or JUST BECAUSE

Vintage Pumpkin Crafting event

What a fun project it was ! You can watch REPLAY HERE

Our Giveaway on this live were 5 DOLLAR TREE CALENDARS

Wheel selected names

Maxine Elle

Dianne Booth

Nann Cox Gragg

Arleen Corn

Peggy Lawrence Whalen

Please message me your address by SEP 12



  • Patsy Elaine Stone

    You are the most talented crafter I have seen Agnes and I watch a lot of them and that includes myself!!

  • Elaine Hyland

    Your crafts are so pretty. I have been trying some shell ones. I need to make scarecrows. Thank you for sharing your talent.

  • Shirley

    I Have been in the hospital since Sunday still here so I have been trying to catch up on your replays love all you do and when I was home I watch on text list going to a rehab but when I get home I plan on crafting with you again