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Red White and Blue Easy DIY Home Decor Ideas & Inspirations

Crafts are fun for all ages whether you are a kid or an adult. It is fun to take a few simple things and show your creative side and if you can do it with a child it is even better! It is especially fun around the holidays!

Making the Yarn Globes

Inflate balloons so they are about four inches in diameter, and tie a knot securely at the opening.

Mix two parts glue to one part water in a shallow pan. Regular white household glue is all you need. Do not worry about measuring the glue and water exactly. Just estimate the amounts, as putting glue in a measuring cup can get very messy. Keep stirring the glue mixture until the consistency is smooth and even.

There are couple of ways to go about that project. You can either submerge your yarn in a glue mixture before you wrap your balloon or do it after you finish wrapping. Personally I prefer second option when you wrap balloon first and then “bathe” …ha ha ha It is less messy for me.

Now we need to wait …sometimes it even takes 48h to dry completely but it is ok we can work on other projects.

When yarn dries on the balloon you can pop them and remove them from the yarn globes


and they are ready! What do you think?

These yarn globes make great garlands, or can simply be displayed in a bowl as a table decoration

Rustic Flag

I absolutely love that wood blocks FLAG project. It is so simple to make, totally inexpensive, and super cute!

You can find those blocks/cubes anywhere … Michael’s has a whole isle dedicated to wood. Mines were leftovers from other project so I am going to use them

All you need is paint and some ribbon! I didn’t measure distances before painting because my plan was to make my cubes to have a distressed rustic look

Just because my cubes were small I decided to cut out the star from a cardboard box to decorate my “blue side ”

Little bit of sanding and some ribbons and of course Raffia and my cube is ready!

Red, White and Blue Styrofoam Balls

That is my favorite DIY project by far because I love to accessorize my trays and glass containers with spheres and balls! Didn’t do them yet in patriotic colors so it was just no brainer…ha ha ha

Things you need for that projects

Styrofoam balls I usually pick mix of sizes

Lever Action Craft Puncher . You can find them on Amazon or in your local craft store. They are roughly $5 a piece or under $20 for set of 5 or 6. I used them a lot for scrapbooking and in a lot of DIY projects

Construction paper

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Directions are easy! Just punch your shape and glue them to your Styrofoam ball. Remember to bend paper cutouts before you glue them to add some dimension

Patriotic Pin

Love my craft box! There are many things that are patiently waiting for their turn to craft! This burlap ribbon was purchased a loooong time ago and was waiting for me to be used today! I was missing a blue so I thought I would spray paint my burlap BUT I went on the hunt and found my daughter jeans that were in a pile to give away… ha ha ha

So let’s start!

Let’s cut 3 strips around 6 inches long from each roll and then cut them in half to create squares.

Fold again each square in half and round off the edges

Place a drop of HOT glue in the center of one of the circles of fabric. Fold the circle in half then place another drop of glue on the center edge of the half circle

Let’s prepare a base for our pin now. I used a cardboard and covered it with burlap to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

Finally we are ready to apply our colorful circles.  Start with the red and white pieces overlapping them slightly. Don’t forget about blue part of the flag as you having fun! I used 5 red squares/circles and 4 white ones but it is up to you how many repeats you like to see on your pin

So what do you think ?? I love it!! There are so many ways you can use that pin … you can apply a safety pin and use it as a brooch or dress up your bag or simply showcase it in the basket

Red White & Blue Star Banner -DIY

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I hope you enjoy these ideas from my fellow bloggers who I love & wanted to show off. Be sure to visit their posts to see the full tutorials & show them some love.

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