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“Cute as a Button” Christmas Ornament DIY

I have a very interesting relationship with buttons…Love to collect them and admire them, love to make things with them. They are easy, cost-friendly and variable that even kids like to get involved into crafting with them. I was trying to be original with my blog title for this project but nothing was coming into my mind. So let’s make Cute as a button but Elegant Christmas tree Ornament craft.

Supplies needed to make our Button Ornament

  • Styrofoam ball
  • Buttons
  • Hot glue and glue sticks
  • Ribbon

How to make our Button Christmas tree Ornament

Learn how to make easy Christmas tree ornament .Styrofoam ball button Christmas ornament diy

I like for this project use one color buttons but in different sizes and finish and print. My goal for this ornament is to try to achieve 3D effect. I decided to use simplest , medium in size buttons for my base.

Styrofoam ball elegant button Christmas tree ornament diy

Let’s begin to install our buttons with small dot of hot glue …You could also use Mod-Podge for this project. Try to make sure that they are touching each other.

White buttons placed on styrofoam ball .Christmas tree ornament craft diy

Don’t worry if you are still seeing styrofoam in between buttons. Second row of randomly place buttons will hide most of it. I am starting to like how my button Christmas tree ornament looks now.

Easy Christmas tree ornament diy made out of buttons that are layered on the styrofoam ball

It may not seem like much now but I promise it will look really good when we are done. Just keep filling randomly second layer of buttons. For that task I am trying to use those smaller ones, more interesting one since they are going to be showing the most. Amount of buttons to use really depends on you preferences. I like mine to be almost full. When you are done and happy with your button ornament looks it is time to think about bow. I think satin bow in my case, simple bow will be perfect.

I am really thinking simple Easy Folded Bow will be perfect for this ornament. I have attached video above for quick viewing. It is just 4 loops tied together in this case with metal wire that I will cover with ribbon as it shows below.

Simple satin folded bow to decorate easy  button Christmas tree ornament

You can hot glue your bow to our Button Ornament or just like me thread wire through button holes and then hot glue to the top.

Satin easy folded bow to decorate button Christmas tree ornament. Easy to follow instructions

and we are done!Our Button Christmas tree ornament craft is done. Time to make some good pictures!

Elegant cute button Christmas tree ornament with easy folded satin bow

Learn how to make elegant cute button Christmas tree ornament with easy folded satin bow

Learn how to make elegant cute button Christmas tree ornament with easy folded satin bow. Easy to follow Christmas craft DIY

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Learn how to make easy “Cute as a Button” Christmas tree Ornament DIY.  Satin easy folded bow.

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