Dollar Tree Leaf Makeover – DIY

Who doesn’t know that leaf from Dollar Tree This year version is actually not that bad has a sheen and is available in 2 colors! You can use it to store lots of goodies the way it is but I am Diy’er so I am always looking to change things around. Let’s do a makeover together! Let’s make it look a little more upscale with a paint! I used Krylon ColorMaster Gloss just because I had a can in my craft room. You can use any paint you have. Make sure your Dollar Tree bowl is dusted and clean and start to apply to paint. I did several thin coats because I love to have that smooth shiny ceramic look for my project purpose It looks good so now it is time to decorate or just leave the way it is. Just because I love buffalo check and all MacKenzie Childs hand painted merchandise I decided to give a try. and here it is …. it is not perfect but it is mine. Love the way it turned out and it only cost me a $1 at Dollar Tree! What do you think? Please Save This To Pinterest or Share on Social Media Friends, your shares are how this site grows and I am sincerely grateful. A quick share to Facebook or save to Pinterest allows me to bring more home decor projects and crafts to more home decor DIY lovers. Hope that you enjoyed my quick Dollar Tree project. Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to our Blog to STAY IN THE LOOP You may like to check our other Fall ideas and there are lots! There is nothing better then crafting with your child! I was beyond thrilled when my 15 years old daughter decided to make some Halloween decor with me. She wanted to make a SPIDER!!! to my surprise, because she is sooo afraid of them.  You can’t blame her …She promised that it will be cute! Cutest Wooden Halloween Spider Farmhouse Stamped Book Stacks Who doesn’t have books at home and some paint? Just went through some old books on my shelf that I can re-purpose to make this craft… and Bingo! I have a good stack of it !